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  • 谷歌梯子知乎

  • 谷歌梯子知乎

  • 谷歌梯子知乎

  • 谷歌梯子知乎

  • 谷歌梯子知乎

  • 谷歌梯子知乎


We are actively working on supporting our students, faculty, and staff during this challenging time. Here is a list of resources (updated regularly) to enable remote learning and research. 


It’s an exciting time for computer science at the University of Chicago. We’re at the center of an ambitious, multi-year effort to significantly expand the university’s computing and data science activities. We've moved into a new, state-of-the-art research and teaching facility, we provide a growing set of options for undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs, and we're building collaborations across the spectrum of sciences, policy, business, and medicine. 佛 跳墙.


  • UChicago CS Researchers Create New Protection Against Facial Recognition

    August 03, 2020

  • Four New Faculty Join UChicago Computer Science for 2020-21

    July 27, 2020

  • 佛 跳墙

    UChicago Researchers Receive Grants to Apply Computational Techniques to COVID Fight

    July 17, 2020

  • Chicago Quantum Exchange Adds New Partners in Tech, Computing and Finance

    July 09, 2020

  • Asst. Prof. Bill Fefferman Comments on New “Quantum Advantage” Research

    July 06, 2020

  • New Project Seeks Greener Computing By Granting Equipment “Second Life”

    June 26, 2020

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  • 佛跳墙ss官网

    Three UChicago CS Students Receive Harper Dissertation Fellowships

    June 03, 2020

  • Undergrad Part of Winning Hackathon Team at Top Sports Analytics Conference

    March 24, 2020

  • PhD Student Huiying Li Named 2020 Facebook Fellow


  • 佛 跳墙

    Meet Kartik Singhal, Computer Science Student

    January 07, 2020

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